Frostbike 2016

Three whirlwind days are in the books. It was an extremely frost free event, so we didn’t ride anything but shuttle buses and the light rail while we were here. We did see a ton of cool product, sat through some super informative seminars, amd we’re stoked to come home and put some of what we learned to use. We appreciate everyone that followed along on Instagram. Rather than blowing up your feed, we decided to just do a bit of a picture dump here on the blog.

Forgive me if I don’t caption everything, it’s been a tiring one. Enjoy the pics!

A Remolino Fatty on display in the lunch room.

Lazers new glasses are pretty sweet. Held on by magnets and helmet straps.

Much as we love bikes, this may have been my favorite two-wheeler on the show floor.

Whisky may have gotten the location for NAHBS confused…

Ti CX goodness from Foundry

The Twin Peaks theme song is still rattling around my brain. The Log Lady is pretty dang sweet though.

Beautiful Bianchi

Big fat Minions.

We are super pumped on this new CrossCheck build. This may not be final spec but it’s dang close and it’ll be amazingly well priced. Keep your eyes on Surlys website for more details soon.

Rolhoff on a Wednesday in the Revelate booth

New 27.5+ from Heller. The Shagamaw has two builds, one sub-$2K and one mid-$2K. Cool stuff coming from this new brand.

Buy a Surly, make it your own.

CX, gravel, road, Foundry is doing some cool things with loopy barred bikes.


New frame bag from Surly, the StraggleCheck. There is also the Porteur House bag that works perfectly with the 24pack rack.

Yes, we went to Mall of America.

And that’s it. We saw it all and talked to reps about most of it. So, if you see something floating around the interwebs and want more details give us a call or stop in the shop. Thanks again for following along with us!

Let it snow

Old Man Winter hasn’t forgotten about Missoula after all. Winter biking can be a bit daunting when you first start out. Most of us in the shop commute by bike year round, rain, snow or shine. So, if you’d like to get started or just need some tips on how to improve your set up we’re happy to let you know what works and what doesn’t for us. Inversions and early sunsets are hard enough to deal with this time of year, don’t add a commute in a car to the things that put a damper on your day!


Day 5 of our 12 Days of Christmas is today and that means Helmets are 20% off. The previous 4 days are still eligible, just mention that you saw it on here or Facebook to get the discount.

And Surly┬ástill has some fatbikes deeply discounted! Stop by the shop today and we’ll see you out there on that commute!