Piece of Mind

Winter months around the bike shop can be quiet and slow but idle time is ideal for project time. Repairs, reorganization and updates are welcome after a busy summer season. The folks here at the shop have been keeping themselves busy checking off items on their to-do list. Lots of painting, woodworking, drilling and cutting has been going on here in the shop for the last few weeks.Bench

It is always fun to see the bike shop transformed however small (or large) that change may be. We spend a lot of time together here in the shop, probably more time than we spend with our own families, so we appreciate having a space comfortable and efficient. The added bonus to keeping things more organized around here is that it makes life much easier for Chad. Chad does all of our ordering and making it easier for him to keep track of inventory keeps a smile on his face. Tool Wall

If you have a chance to stop by the shop this winter we hope you will pardon the occasional mess that we are making. Even better step to the back of the shop and admire Andy’s “Smokey Eyes” – that is his paint color of choice, or the high shine that Danny added top the newly shelves lacquered shelves. Smokey Eyes

At the end of the day we hope that when springtime returns and the shop starts buzzing with activity we will be organized and well stocked to make sure that we can take care of anything that your best bike needs.