Bike Trade In Program

We’ve been ironing out the kinks on this one for a long while. We had a soft roll out of it last year but, this year we’re set to help you get off that old bike and on a hot new whip.

How’s it work? It’s pretty simple actually. Give us a call (406-721-6525) or an email ( and talk to either Chad or Alex. They’ll schedule a time for you to bring your old ride in for an evaluation. We’ll give it a once over and let you know how much we can give you on trade. That amount can then be applied towards the purchase price of a new bike. Easy, right?

To be honest, you could probably get a bit more by selling it yourself on one of the various online platforms (Craigslist, PinkBike etc). But with us, you won’t have to deal with paying eBay/PayPal fees. You won’t have to deal with shipping. And you won’t have to deal with meeting folks you don’t know to show off your ride and HOPE that they buy it.

Once we take the bikes in on trade, we’ll do any necessary work on them (chains, cables housing, etc) get them cleaned up and ready to ride and list them for sale so they can move on to someone else.

We’re stoked to get folks on new bikes and just as stoked to be able to offer great used bikes at a price that will get more people on good bikes!

If you have any questions on the program don’t hesitate to contact us!

Alright, enough talk about how the program works, how about we post up our first used bike?

Here we’ve got a custom built 2015 Kona Big Unit that we put together for a customer over the last few seasons. The Big Unit was available as a frame only this model year, made of Scandium Aluminum.

This build sees a set of hand built Stans Flow rims laced to XT hubs front and rear. Up front a RaceFace crankset spins a RaceFace NarrowWide 32t chainring. Out back, a single Surly 22t cog puts power to the wheel.

A 120mm RockShox Pike is ready for any terrain you can throw at it while a RockShox Reverb dropper posts makes handling those steeps even easier. The cockpit has Kona Bars and Stem riding above a CaneCreek 40 headset.


It has a Maxxis High Roller front and Ardent rear tire with XT brakes bringing the whole package to a stop.

This bike is ready to rip in its current single speed form or you can throw gears on here and spin whatever combo the grade calls for.

$1500 puts this 29er hardtail beauty in your garage and then it can start putting smiles on your face.


The unsung heroes of the biking world. We don’t usually have too many previous model year commuters hanging out. But, we do have a couple Cannondales. Stop by the shop or get hold of us by your preferred method today!

2015 Cannondale Quick 5 We have 3 of these available in size large. Retail was $549.00, 25% off puts them at $411.75

2016 Cannondale Adventure 2 Mens We’ve got three of these left in stock as well, one medium and two larges. 15% off gets you on one of the best “comfort bikes” in the business.

Used Kids Bikes

Kids are expensive. We understand. AG’s are almost all high school age but they don’t get any cheaper. And Chad and Danny both have little ones and are learning the joys of buying expensive things that get outgrown in seemingly no time.

With that in mind, we do our best to help make it as affordable as possible to get kids on quality bikes without breaking their parents banks. If you purchase a new kids bike from us, we’ll give you 50% of the retail purchase price in trade towards a new bike when they outgrow the old one. But what do we do with those bikes we get back in on trade? We have our mechanics run through them, do any needed repairs and get them up for sale at a discounted rate. Our trade in program doesn’t apply towards used bikes but, it’s a great way to save some money and still get your kiddo on a quality ride.

We’ve got some good examples in the shop right now. As always, give us a call/email or swing by the shop if you’ve got questions on any that you see below.

Kona Makena 20″ $150

Jamis Laser 16″ $75

Kona Hula 24″ $150

Kona Hula 24″ $150

Jamis Starlite 20″ $100


2016 Mountain Bikes

How’s 15% off 2016 MTBs sound? We’ve got a good selection from entry level to a couple high end full suspension machines. Give us a call at the shop or pop us an email at for more info.

Kona Lanai Medium 27,5″ tired entry level MTB

Kona Lava Dome Medium Entry level 29er MTB

Kona Fire Mountain Small, Medium(3), and Large 27.5″ MTB also available in Black/Yellow

Kona Mahuna Medium(2), XL(2) 29er, we used this model as our rental for several years, a great durable bike.

Kona Blast Small(2), Medium 27.5″ We use this model as our current rental bike and it’s fantastic. Lots of room for skills growth.

Kona Cinder Cone Small 27.5″ Same geometry as the Blast with a step up in components. This is the bike we all say we’d probably be riding if we didn’t work in the industry

Kona Kahuna DL XL 29er Awesome XC bike

Kona Process 134 Extra Small 27.5″ all mountain shred sled

Orbea Occam TR H50 Large 29er XC full suspension fun

Kona Process 153DL Medium 27.5″ Enduro machine. Shred local trail then send it at the bike park, this bike can do it all.

Road Bikes, Road Bikes, Road Bikes…

We’re a couple weeks into 2017 already. Hard to believe. Seems like we were just doing this post for 2016… It’s hard to think about road bikes right now but, we figured discounting some bikes might get ya thinking about warmer weather and skinny tires. All our 2016 road bikes are 15% off and anything older than that is priced at 25% off or more! Check out the bikes below, give us a call or come in and check them out today!

2015 Orbea Orca M20 53cm This carbon beauty was $3899, we’ve got it marked down 25% putting it at $2924.25

2016 Orbea Ordu M20 Medium. 15% off this aero machine. Step your tri game up and shave time off your cycling segment while keeping some cash in your pocket.

Surly Straggler 54cm. We had a frame sitting around so we threw together a nice little CX build using a parts kit from a Kona Jake. Stragglers from this year were normally $1549, we’ve got this one marked at $1375

2014 Bianchi Via Nirone 7 Sora 53cm. Normally $969.99, we’ve got this bike marked down to $675. You won’t find a better price on an entry level road bike!

2015 Cannondale CAAD10 105 58cm. Retail was $1549.99 we’ve got this one marked at 25% off, $1162.50 gets you one heck of a road bike!

2014 Bianchi Via Nirone 7 Tiagra 57cm Was $1249.99, down to $825. If you’re thinking about giving road biking a try, or you know you’ll love it and just want a screaming deal on a great bike, this is for you.

2016 Cannondale Synapse Ultegra 3 58cm. 15% off. Road endurance bikes don’t get much better than this.

Surly Pacer 52cm A classic road bike with modern conveniences. Normally $1850 for this steel beauty we’ve got it marked down to $1200.

2015 Cannondale Synapse Carbon Rival Disc 54cm Retail $2699.99 down 25% puts it at $2024.99. The Snyapse is one of the best endurance road bikes out there, thinking of doing RATPOD? This is the ride for you.

2016 Cannondale Synapse 105 Carbon 54cm. 15% off on this red beauty

2015 Cannondale Synapse Alloy Disc Rival 56cm Retail was $1999.99 and this one is 25% off bringing it down to $1499.99. Light weight aluminum frame, disc brakes, and good looks. What more can you ask for?

2016 Cannondale CAAD12 Ultegra 3 56cm 15% off

2016 Cannondale CAAD12 Ultegra 3 52cm 15% off.

2016 Cannondale CAAD12 105. We have several of these from our demo fleet, size 48cm, 52cm, and 54cm. Retail was $1549.99, these are marked down to $1000. They received full tune ups at the end of the season and are ready for many more miles.

We also have two brand new never ridden ones, a 54cm and a 50cm. The new ones are 15% off retail.

2016 Cannondale Touring 1 54cm. 15% off and you’re ready to spin off into the sunset and never look back. Or just take a weekend trip… whichever.

2016 Cannondale Quick Speed 3 We’ve got two of these upright roadies, a medium and a large and they are both marked 15% off. Fast and light while keeping you in a more comfortable position. Perfect for a road cyclist who’s body may no longer agree with drop bars.